Written By A Lebanese Freedom Fighter

During his visit to Australia, Prime Minister Aoun urged all Lebanese to unite under the banner of the Liberation of Lebanon from all foreign occupations. He indicated that we serve Lebanon best when we set aside our differences and act as representatives of Lebanon, and not as members of specific political parties or grouping. His call was addressed to every Lebanese, regardless of gender, age, religion, or ethnic origin. It is in that spirit, that the "Tayar Al Watani" (The Patriotic Current) was born and is now operating. It aims to liberate Lebanon from all foreign occupations (Israeli and Syrian), and restore its sovereignty and independence, and a dignified life for our citizens. We support the peace process that will return our sovereignty, which is now confiscated by the Assad dictatorship. Together with all our democratic neighbors we will build a new, peaceful, and prosperous Middle East.

Even though the Tayar is not a political party in the traditional sense, it is becoming apparent that some sort of advanced organization and infrastructure is needed to organize the Lebanese at home and the Diaspora. Facing the Syrian occupation and its organized apparatus and police state in Beirut will take a new shape, now that the restrictions on PM Aounís movements and political actions seems to have subsidedt. The Tayar needs to organize and set its energies and resources in a synchronized fashion towards the goal of liberating our homeland from all occupations.

How can we organize, when we are physically scattered throughout the world, and are facing oppression and systematic propaganda campaigns by the Syrian occupiers and their appointed occupation regime in Beirut? The pillage of Lebanon has provided them with billions of dollars in resources and allowed them to create a corrupt ruling class of collaborators. They have impoverished the Lebanese people as they have done to the Syrian people and forced them to spend their energies on daily survival issues rather than political change and liberation.

The answer may be in 3 words; Ideology, Infrastructure, Technology. Ideology sets our strategic direction. Infrastructure gives us the vertical strength to conduct the daily affairs of the liberation movement, and technology gives us the means to connect our disparate organizations and help us disseminate information worldwide and mobilize quickly.

We have a great ideology based on the universal declaration of human rights, International laws, and the right to self-determination. Our leader, PM Aoun speaks from universal principles and higher human ideals. Our struggle has been honest, selfless, incorruptible, and pure. The message is very simple; we seek to liberate Lebanon from the Israeli and Syrian occupations, restore our citizens human and civil rights, build a nation that respects the human being, and actively participate in a warm peace in our area. Our ideology is boundless. It is open to any human beings living in the Middle East and beyond. Our aims are noble. Our demands are persistent, yet our methods are peaceful. Our cries are thunderous. We shall not rest until Lebanon is free again.

Even though in its infancy, our infrastructure is worldwide and is developing. It has so far been based on volunteer work. Lebanese from all over the world have undertaken on their own to organize, setup liberation organizations, such as the Council of Lebanese American Organizations (CLAO) in the US and others in many other countries. A lesson that we may have learned from the latest municipal elections (conducted under the tank barrels of 40,000 Syrian occupation troops and the Troika police state) is that we cannot continue to rely on the consistency of other Lebanese political parties in their stance against the occupation regime. They have cooperated with regime symbols and formed joint electoral lists in violation of their agreements with the Tayar. Even though we know that in their heart, they still believe in the same goals as we do, their alliances and actions force us to consider going it alone. Our doors are open to all Lebanese but we can only rely on ourselves as a liberation movement. Our only red line is the absolute rejection of all occupations.

Technology helps us spread our message throughout the world to all member organizations of the Tayar and all supporters of Free Lebanon. Thanks to individual effort of Tayar organizations, our Internet presence is growing very strong. Anyone across the planet can visit our sites and get the latest information on Lebanon, follow up on the liberation effort, read editorials, provide feedback, download songs and videos, and volunteer to work towards the liberation of Lebanon. All our organizations are non-profit. We do not solicit funds, and all our members are volunteers. Some of our supporters contribute time and resources on their own, and their help is greatly appreciated, but we do not actively ask for donations. There are Internet sites, however, claiming to represent the Tayar or the Liberation of Lebanon that are now soliciting funds and membership dues. We would like to warn the supporters of Lebanon about these sites and reestablish the fact that we are non-profit and do not solicit contributions directly in any of our web sites or publications. Any contribution is voluntary and must originate from the contributor him/herself.

Other sites claiming to operate under the Aounist banner have distorted the thinking and ideals of PM Aoun. Even though for a certain period, we were in political disagreement and had different opinions with his Beatitude Cardinal Sfeir, the Maronite Patriarch, but at no moment have we derided him or lacked due respect for him, considering his moral position and all that he represents. We reject any disrespect for his person. We also reject and condemn Internet sites that deride any religious or political figure, specially where tasteless and misplaced caricature is used. Also those who permit their site to become a propaganda for "Carole Dagherís" book; "The Challenges of the General", a book which in our opinion, distorts General Aounís thoughts and history. We wish that these groups either enter our ranks, or disembark from the Aounist current today. This is a severe point made necessary to keep the Aounist currentís purity and maintain its credibility. Our sites support an independent, secular, and proud Lebanon, free of all foreign occupation; Syrian, Israeli, and others

Our internet presence may have reached a point where we can leverage resources, share technology, centralize the news, and reach diverse groups, while at the same time maintaining distinctiveness of the decentralized sites in terms of individual contribution and themes. This is a balancing act that requires centralized planning, and decentralized contributions.

We propose the following ideas to improve our world-wide web presence:

  • Certify Internet sites that claim to be Tayar sites by our Tayar Leadership. These sites may remain official or unofficial, but for the visitorís sake, they can display a graphic that shows their certification by the Tayar.
  • Publish an ethical code for all sites, that rejects the demeaning and personal attacks on religious and public figures, as well as any sectarian or discriminatory content and obscene material.
  • Stress the difference between fund solicitation and volunteer contributions. Tayar sites would not engage in solicitations of any kind unless directly authorized by our leadership. Set clear guidelines for the Non-Profit financial management of Tayar organizations
  • Tayar sites can share centralized news (CLAO), and technical knowledge but not be copycats. This will avoid us the "Collective Dependency" syndrome and maintains each site's unique distinctiveness and contributions.
  • We say Yes to Democracy, No to treason. We should not link or promote collaborators sites or material.
  • No one has monopoly over Liberation content-essence. We should not object to the utilization of common themes or any thing that help the liberation or our homeland. We would however allow each site its distinctiveness in order to create diversity, and encourage and promote on-going contributions.
  • Where possible we should centralize services and avoid duplication of effort. For example all liberation sites could link to a common news server (such as the CLAO). Other suggestions for centralized services include a centralized database for Guest registration, Automated Mail distribution-notifications, Auto-Responders, and Common Archives.
  • Suggestions for distributed services: Distinct material, Chat Rooms, vertical groups (students, teachers, engineers, doctors, associations, etc.)
  • Security guidelines; Use Hotmail, Non de guerre, etc. Web hosted databases and Lebanon-based ISP services are not secure and can be penetrated by the occupation regime.


The time has come to establish the uniqueness of the Tayar Al Watani Al Hor, the Free Patriotic Current. Let us write its charter. Let us organize under the leadership of Prime Minister Michel Aoun. Let us shed the luggage of coalitions with the old sectarian parties even if they claim to oppose the Syrian occupation. Let us begin anew and establish our distinctiveness and do away with compromises. This would not be an isolationist position or rejection of anyone. To the contrary our hearts and minds are open to all Lebanese and all our people will share the rewards of our effort and goals. Our love for our homeland and our respect for all our people is the foundation of our ideology. We are simply crystal clear about our rejection of the occupations and the collaborator troika regime, and our absolute defense of the rights of all Lebanese regardless of age, gender, religion, or ethnic origin.

Long Live Lebanon